Casting The Live Action Attack On Titan Movie

Which actors and actresses should Andy Muschietti choose for his adaptation of the anime hit?

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With millions of issues of the manga sold and highly-anticipated final season arriving at the back end of the year, it's safe to say that Attack on Titan has been an incredible and somewhat surprising global phenomenon. While anime is a popular genre, very few have had the same sort of universal success that has followed Hajime Isayama apocalyptic creation.

Legendary Japanese studio, Toho, were behind a the 2015 live adaptation, but fans of the manga and anime left the film feeling extremely unsatisfied. Key characters were taken out and replaced with new ones, specific plot points that were integral to what made the manga and anime so successful and, most importantly, completely missed the horror tone that made the Titans so frightening in the first place.

Considering that fans have already seen a film studio try and fail miserably at adapting AoT, we completely understand if fans aren't flocking to the cinema to see another version. However, there's a western equivalent on the way which is set to be directed by famed horror direct, Andy Muschietti, that should definitely gain the attention of the show's loyal supporters.

With a fantastic director helming the flick and a studio who're willing to make this their next big franchise, the next big question is who they should cast to play Eren Yeager and co. We've gone through a list of the top talent in the world and put together our dream cast for the anime adaptation.

Let's begin...


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