Casting The Live Action Attack On Titan Movie

9. Annie Leonhart - Zendaya

Marvel Studios

Although she came from a Disney Kid's background, Zendaya has successfully distance herself from the child roles she grew up playing to establish herself as a legitimate actress. From her sarcastic, yet effortlessly cool version of M.J in the most recent Spider-Man films to her far more mature role in HBO's Euphoria, the actress is quickly proving herself to be one of the best young talents around.

Some might see her as a left-field choice to play someone like Annie, but she certainly has the range to pull it off. Even though she's only involved in the story for a short period of time, Annie's impact on the characters and the beginning of the plot is extremely important will need an actress who can pull off her icy demeanour.

Out of all the titan-changers from Marley, Annie is the one we know least about. The film's director, Andy Muschietti will need someone who can do a lot with very little and it feels like Zendaya has the ability to do that.


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