Cats 2019: Every Song Ranked From Least To Most Horrifying

The movie we all want to scrub from our "Memory"...

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It may have come and gone so quickly that it was almost like a dream, but nobody will ever forget the horrifying images seared into our eyes from this musical film.

CATS was probably one of the best made worst films of all time, largely due to the mastery and hard work put into the performances of the top tier dancers and singers struggling to bring life to material that made many viewers beg for death. It's definitely worth watching, dancing merrily into "so bad it's good" territory, but best viewed with friends in a place where you can laugh at the absurdity of it.

While there's some artistic value in the horny death cult movie, the fact that so many people reviewed it with colourful terms such as "joyless pussies" and "nightmare that wouldn't end" means that there is definitely something to the horrors of CGI cat-people.

And because this film is basically just a bunch of songs from the musical stitched together with barely the attempt at any real plot, here's a list of the songs ranked by how bearable and even enjoyable they were to watch, to how much they'll haunt your nightmares.

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