Chris Nolan's Dunkirk Trailer: 8 Reactions You Need To Know

Is it destined to rise or exist as a bad memento?

Dunkirk Flight
Warner Bros.

A new Dunkirk trailer just came out and delivered more hints at what Christopher Nolan’s tenth effort might be. The course of the story is still vague, like most of the cast roles, their motivations (aside from survival) and nuances, but with the always fashionable WWII semblance, its worried faces, impactful violence and destruction being utterly captured by the crepuscular cinematography of Hoyte van Hoytema, we already expect a gripping drama-thriller war film with the Nolan touch that…

Wait a second. What is left to reckon on? Where is all the science-fiction, the comic book fantasy, the mystery? Really, where’s everything that once forged the Nolan seal? Is this renovation a bad or a good sign? Is it just a magic trick? We’ll have to wait until July to know the answers, but meanwhile let’s pitch some conjectures about whether this film sinks or takes off based on what we recently saw.

These are three aircrafts, three wrecked ships and two castaway companies on the beach of possibilities.

8. Three Aircrafts - New Recruits (For The Most Part)

Dunkirk Flight
Warner Bros.

Over the last nine years we’ve become au fait with certain well-known faces or specific ensembles as prerequisites for any big Nolan movie. Basically, if Michael Caine appears in it along with the star of the moment, there’s a 75% chance it’s from the director of The Dark Knight Trilogy. However, it looks like he is slowly drifting away from that eclectic formula, raising a vessel’s anchor while ready to open up new horizons.

The only familiar actors we’re seeing now are Tom Hardy and the underused Cillian Murphy (in what likely as not will be his first major role). With lots of fellow-countrymen, including the veterans Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, meaning lots of cockney good luck charms, this flick seems five by five to lend some more welcome, promising variation.


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