Chris Nolan's Dunkirk Trailer: 8 Reactions You Need To Know

7. A Very Tense Situation

Dunkirk Flight
Warner Bros.

The best Nolan moments emerged from tenseness, suspense. A man obsessed with an uncanny doodlebug, short-term memory loss amidst dangerous situations, brutal rivalry between magicians, the imminent destruction of Gotham (twice), famines, droughts and crop blights crisis… you name it. Dunkirk offers him a naturally visceral option to keep exploiting what he does best: nail us to the edge of our seats.

But this time it’s not about what’ll happen, but how it will, since the conclusion of the Operation Dynamo is currently known (unless the director plans on giving it his own “interpretation” in Inglourious Basterds fashion), something that makes the whole flick all the more intriguing, as it has to be more personal.

It’s a great occasion for him to display, and for us to know, his purest auteur side; the one which doesn’t fully rely on plot, but on his very filmmaking skills.


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