Chris Nolan's Movies Ranked Worst To Best

10. Following

Christopher Nolan Tenet
Momentum Pictures

Following is something of a success story, not just for Christopher Nolan, but for up and coming filmmakers everywhere. The movie was shot over the course of a few months with a cast who were all in full-time employment. Nolan allocated a chunk of his own salary to cover much of the costs, while each scene was rehearsed intensely - so that they could nail them in one or two shots, saving space on expensive 16MM black and white film.

Starring Jeremy Theobald, who would appear in both Batman Begins and Tenet, the story focuses on a man who enjoys following people through London and, in doing so, gets drawn into the world of organised crime.

While it is very different from the Nolan films that the audience would come to expect in the future, it stands out as a strong debut from a young filmmaker. It is most certainly worth a watch, even if you know not to expect the Dark Knight from this one!


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