Chris Pratt: 10 Roles That Passed You By

Star-Lord isn't the only other name you know the Jurassic World star by.

Without a doubt, 2014 cemented Chris Pratt's place as a Hollywood star. After the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy his name became linked to one of cinema's biggest legends, Indiana Jones, months before his current blockbuster €“ Jurassic World €“ was even released. Being considered the second sexiest man alive by People magazine isn't something to complain about either.

Pratt rose to fame in the States thanks to his regular role as Andy Dwyer in the TV series Parks And Recreation, alongside which his film career also progressed rather steadily. As you would expect from someone of his comical talents, Pratt carved out a niche for himself as a supporting actor in several comedies, but this didn't stop him from appearing in a wide variety of others as well. His C.V. boasts movies as disparate as quirky romance, baseball biopic, and high profile manhunt; not exactly places you'd expect to find a comic-book hero with only 12% of a plan.

There's every chance you've seen these films - several were Oscar contenders and even winners - but at the time his lesser known face may very easily have passed you by. In order to fix this, and give Chris Pratt the wider ranging appreciation his career deserves, here is a recap of where you never knew you've seen him before.

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