Chris Pratt: 10 Roles That Passed You By

10. Wanted

Another comic book adaptation, Wanted wasn't as good as something you'd expect from such an A-list cast, and so best became known for some interesting physics and a revealing view of Angelina Jolie's rear. Eventually recruited to become an assassin by Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy stars as stuck in a rut Wesley, whose rather dull and ordinary life is made hell by his everyday rival Barry, played by Chris Pratt. Present in both his work and home life, Barry is Wesley's colleague and so-called best friend who is also sleeping with his girlfriend. Rather importantly, the first time we see Barry is when he and Cathy are together on Wesley's kitchen table. A simple role involving repeated uses of "who's the man", it really didn't have much originality but it was one in which Pratt made full use of as an important stepping stone in his career. Unlike the majority of Pratt's film roles, Wanted actually came about before Parks and Recreation. As such, it would have been this film role which helped him get the part of Andy, rather than vice versa. It also saw Pratt be on the receiving end of the most memorable dismissal in recent cinema history. After Wesley finally finds his confidence, the term keyboard bashing has never been so apt.
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