Dark Tower TV Series: 9 Things It Must Do To Save The Franchise

8. Make It R-Rated

Idris Elba The Dark Tower

Even Dark Tower fans who enjoyed the movie have to admit it was a tonal misfire.

Stephen King's saga contains moments of graphic horror and violence. In the first book, there's a scene where Roland guns down an entire town and, later in the story, a group of vampires devour a human baby on a rotisserie at a New York restaurant.

Okay, so nobody really wanted to see the baby scene adapted, but how did the movie have any hope of doing justice to such dark source material with a tame 12A rating?

Horrors aplenty await in Wizard and Glass - an innocent girl is burned at the stake and an entire army is swallowed up by an eerie dimensional hole called a 'Thinny'.

The Dark Tower cannot afford to pull any more punches and needs to be as adult in tone as Game of Thrones or Westworld when it comes to the small screen, if only to ensure the novel's hardest-hitting scenes have the impact they should.

Nothing less than a hard R certificate will suffice.


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