DCEU: 10 Sneaky CGI Moments You Probably Didn’t Notice

9. Gald Gadot's Armpit Alterations - Wonder Woman

Wonder woman CG
Warner Bros.

When the first round of trailers were released for Wonder Woman's inaugural standalone movie as part of the DCEU, a rather peculiar point became a key topic of conversation among some fans.

In said first pieces of footage, Diana showed no signs of armpit hair when hurling a tank through the air during a pulsating battle scene, something that irked certain folks who were clamouring for Wonder Woman to be sporting some pit fuzz.

Instead of adding in some computer generated hair, however, the studio opted to digitally alter their star's armpits in another way before the feature hit cinemas. As later trailers and the theatrical release showcased, the skin tone of Diana's pits was colour-matched to better blend into the rest of her body. Her complexion in general appears to be much warmer in comparison to those early teasers too.

Though next to no one was ultimately left staring at the Amazon's under-arm during the aforementioned tank flipping (!) scene by the time it went down in the movie, Warner Bros. still went oddly out of their way to ensure Gal Gadot's pits didn't look, well, the pits during her first solo outing.


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