Deadpool: 100 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References

Ryan Reynolds said there were over one hundred, and he wasn't lying.

Deadpool is a violent, sweary, sexy movie that (bar a long dip in the superhero formula) gives fans exactly what they want from, well, a Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds is pitch perfect in the role he fought years to get a second chance in and the whole thing exudes an overwhelming confindence. There is the generic origin and overall plot, but with a sequel already planned there's scope for Tim Miller to up his game next time.

With all that fourth wall breaking you'd expect there be a lot of references in there. And boy there are. In fact, according to Reynolds, there's over one hundred easter eggs in the film. He's not exaggerating either - from comic references to ribbing of Ryan Reynolds' previous movies to incredibly obscure cameos, Deadpool is full of easter eggs and in-jokes. Here's 100 of them. Yes, 100.

Oh, and it should go without saying, MAJOR SPOILERS!

Honourable Mention - There's No Highlighted X On The Fox Logo

It's become a tradition for X-Men movies to have the "X" in the Fox logo stay lit for a second at the end of the fanfare (this was even homaged in Fant4stic, only with the "F"), so it's a noticeable and rather intentional decision for that to not happen in Deadpool. The film is already only tangentially linked to the main continuity thanks to its R-rating and fourth wall breaking, and this almost hammers home we're not totally in the same world as Xavier and Magneto.


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