Deadpool 2's Best Joke Is An Incredible Cameo

Forget Matt Damon, this is BETTER...

Deadpool 2 Vanisher

Remember when you sat down to watch Thor: Ragnarok and practically spat out your popcorn when Matt Damon turned up for the sum total of a couple of minutes as the actor playing Loki in the opening Asgard scenes? Well, that's nothing compared to the secret cameo David Leitch and Ryan Reynolds managed to get into Deadpool 2 without anyone knowing.


That cameo proves to be the funniest gag in a movie that really doesn't ration its laughs. It's a funnier experience overall than the first movie, with more self-parody (including lampooning the genre and easy targets like Batman v Superman and the DCEU) and there's as much emotional complexity and depth as there are silly jokes, which makes it all the better.

So, anyway, to that cameo...

After Deadpool first meets Cable and loses track of Russell (the child he's protecting from the time travelling assassin), he realises he needs help to take him down and help Firefist (the kid's nickname) from the DMC. So he brings together the X-Force team we saw in the trailers, including actors as well-known as Terry Crews (Bedlam), Bill Skarsgard (Zeitgeist), Lewis Tan (Shatterstar) and Rob Delaney (Peter).

He also hires The Vanisher, an invisible mutant whose presence is only known on the first mission because of the parachute attached to him (which was actually also spotted in the trailer leaping out of a plane on its own). We don't get to see him audition for the team or what he looks like until that first mission goes badly wrong, leading to the biggest laugh and WTF reaction in the entire film.

Click next to find out who plays The Vanisher, if you don't know.

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