Deadpool 2's Best Joke Is An Incredible Cameo

So, who plays The Vanisher?

This guy...

Brad Pitt Fight Club
20th Century Fox

Talk about a prestigious hire for a tiny role.

Pitt plays The Vanisher for a grand total of about 3 seconds of screen-time, at the climax of the mission that goes to hell and sees all of Deadpool's new recruits - with the exception of Zazie Beetz's Domino - killed off spectacularly in a sort of loving tribute to FInal Destination's colourful kills.

Thanks to 'Pool ignoring a wind warning and insisting the mission - which begins with the parachute jump - goes ahead, the fledgling hero group is blown off track and end up scattered. Bedlam is hit by a bus, Shatterstar hits a helicopter and is shredded, Zeitgeist lands in a wood chipper and Peter ends up being melted by Zeitgeist's acid vomit when he goes to help him. It's a great sequence, but it's crowned by the sight of The Vanisher hitting a power line.

At that point, we get to see Brad Pitt lit up like a Christmas tree as he dies by electrocution and it's just an incredible moment in a movie full of great gags and fan-baiting Easter Eggs and cameos.

And imagine a world where a Hugh Jackman cameo in a Deadpool movie wouldn't be the best thing about it...

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