Deadpool 2: 7 Deleted Scenes Ranked From Worst To Best

Oh. They actually went THERE?!

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Deadpool 2 releases on Blu-Ray and DVD August 21st, but the film has already released digitally this week! It includes both the theatrical cut, and the Super Duper Cut, which includes a few extra scenes, jokes and gags not included in the original release. Bolted onto that are a whole bunch of extra deleted scenes, with one in particular having proven too controversial for the film's final cut.

It's still the same, zany, silly and ludicrously over-the-top merc' with a mouth we've come to know and love these last few years, and though you'd think that all that extra footage would improve the film, it's only some instances where that is actually the case; other times, you can understand why reigning the jokes in was a better move for the film.

This grants an overwhelmingly mixed impression of the new cut which, while probably a must-view for Deadpool’s hardcore fans, isn’t essential by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, there’s plenty of good mixed in with the… not so memorable. Let’s take a look at what stuck most.

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