Deadpool 2: The Secret Significance Of Cable's Daughter

And how it might factor into X-Force...

Deadpool 2 Cable Bear

Deadpool 2 is here, and - surprise surprise - it's actually rather good. Whether or not it surpasses the original is still in the air, but one thing there's no denying is that the film is X-Men unfiltered - there are dozens of references, allusions and nods to the source material that, in some respects, could make the sequel the most authentic X-Men film to date.


And though this very much is Wade Wilson's film, Cable - the story's time-travelling ancillary antagonist - steals the show. Josh Brolin is magnetic in the role, and while his motivations for travelling back in time were never in doubt, the identity of his daughter - who was murdered by Fire Fist in the future - is a little more obscure.

Marvel Comics

For starters, Deadpool 2 took the rather odd decision of not explicitly referencing Cable's lineage. Comic fans will know that the mercenary, who goes by the name of Nathan in the comics, is the son of one Scott Summers. The timeline gets a little confusing from then on in, but Cable is the son of Cyclops and one of the nineties' most memorable X-characters.

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