Deadpool Movie: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

5. The Game Is Coming Next Year

There's been a huge buzz about it online, and whether it will finally inspire an actual film. The Activision-published third-person action project is set to feature all the things that make the Deadpool character (to be voiced by long-time Deadpool vocal main-man, Nolan North) €“ the fourth wall will be broken, boobs will be referenced, and heads will be blown off. While it's set to include X-favourites like Wolverine and Psylocke (which is nice), there are so many people that are looking forward to just be playing with Deadpool on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms at a to be confirmed date in 2013. Regular writer for the character's comic appearances, Daniel Wray is set to pen the script too, so we know it'll be entertaining in a lot of ways. Watch Deadpool crash ComiCon to promote the game earlier this year: The game play looks really good from the trailer. There's lots of interesting moments that set DP up to talk to the screen (and the player) while simultaneously killing a bunch of guards and bosses. The bouncing castle needs explaining though €“ or does it? To be honest, it just looks like mindless fun, and the character approved it himself €“ what more could you possibly want from a product that's dedicated to arguably the greatest anti-hero in comic book history? While keen gamers will probably note that Deadpool has been a playable character and featured in many different games over the years across various platforms (most notably Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel Ultimate Alliance), this one looks to have better graphics, simpler gameplay and much more entertaining concepts. Here's hoping that it's an epic pre-cursor to the movie, which could be out not so long after it...
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