Deadpool Trailer Breakdown: 27 Things You Need To See

Rated R For Really F*cking Exciting.

It seems like months since Deadpool won Comic Con by being exactly as foul-mouthed, blood-hungry and inappropriate as you'd expect from everyone's favourite Merc With A Mouth. And while this is not the exact same footage (Stan Lee is notably absent this time out), this is about as close anyone is going to get to reliving that hot-box experience at San Diego. It's been worth the wait. Despite inevitable accusations of pushing limits too far, the tone is perfect, the R-rating is delightfully earned, and the casting (at least of Reynolds) is on the button (as everyone already knew it was). But aside from masturbation jokes, testicle jokes and old lady incontinence jokes, what makes up the trailer for next year's first essential movie? And how much (A LOT) does it give up about the plot?

27. Rated R For Really F*cking Violent

Restricted? Yeah no sh*t. Quite how the R-Rated experiment will work in the long-term remains to be seen. As brilliant as the teased footage is so far, and as gripping as the publicity attached to the film, this could well be no more than the next Dredd: a phenomenon that captures 100% of a comparatively small audience with zero mainstream pull. If that's the case, then let's all hope that Fox realise as much,

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