Deadpool Trailer Breakdown: 27 Things You Need To See

26. Meet Copycat

It all starts out very emo, with Wade Wilson and girlfriend Vanessa Carlyle (otherwise known as Copycat the mutant) struggling with the revelation that he's pretty horribly riddled with cancer. Inevitably, she seems upset. Incidentally, in the comics, this is what Copycat looks like...
Far more blue, far more provocatively dressed. Far more, you know, MUTANTY. Will we be getting to see her fully fledged mutant powers? Is Deadpool on a blood-thirsty mission to rescue her from the same people who give him powers? There seems to be some suggestion in the loaded line " I can do right by someone else", and it would make sense that her disappearance/kidnapping might form the catalyst to his volunteering for Weapon X.

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