Die Hard 6: 5 Ways To Save The Dying Franchise

4. Bring Bonnie Bedelia Back!

Die Hard Bedelia This one seems like a no- brainer. If you have seen A Good Day To Die Hard then you know the final scene is classic Die Hard but the absence of McClane's wife is sorely felt. Holly Gennaro McClane always worked as a way to balance the crazy action of Die Hard. In the first two films we were reminded of what McClane was fighting for and it somehow made feel McClane far more real: he wasn't the superhero he is now, he was the low level cop just trying to fix his marriage. You see, Die Hard is really about love and family values, folks. Bruce Willis has been saying for years that they should bring Bonnie Bedelia back, so this one shouldn't be hard to sell. The next Die Hard should have McClane reunited with his entire family: he will have finally won the family he's been fighting for over the course of five films, however, he'll be called to action one last time to save poor old Jack, Lucy and good old Holly. Bedelia's presence will only help to heighten the stakes and to return the films to their former glory, plus, who doesn't want a true McClane family reunion!? But will Holly be going by the McClane name or be reverting back to Gennaro? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

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