Die Hard 6: 5 Ways To Save The Dying Franchise

3. We Need Zeus

samuel-l-jackson-die-hard John McClane has teamed up with everyone from Justin Long to his own son, but, his best and most entertaining partnership, by far, was with Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus from Die Hard With A Vengeance. The two stubborn personalities clash over everything from circumstance to race, and Willis and Jackson were a perfect team up and gave the world what many agree to be the best Die Hard film. Watching Zeus and McClane run around New York City trying to figure out Simon's riddles was both humorous and tense, and Jackson's performance as the reluctant but noble Zeus was a perfect contrast to Willis' stubborn McClane. They were a perfect team and why Zeus has not come back to the franchise is anyone's guess. Many critics argued that Jai Courtney's Jack McClane was whiny and devoid of personality, and many Die Hard fans argued Justin Long was just a little too hipster for the old school franchise. What we need is Zeus back to give McClane a partner that will truly challenge him and clash with his stubborn heroics. The next Die Hard should be one giant mash up of all the characters from the Die Hard universe with the "total stranger" coming to the forefront to reluctantly help his white friend one last time.

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