Die Hard 6: 5 Ways To Save The Dying Franchise

1. John McTiernan Must Direct

McTiernan Die Hard Here is the heart of the Die Hard franchise's new found problems: newer directors like Len Wiseman and John Moore grew up on the Die Hard films and McClane, and they, therefore, idolize McClane and see him as some sort of superhero that can do anything. They are true fans that want to see McClane destroy a helicopter with a car and blow up Moscow because, well, those are things fans fantasize over. That's not to say I didn't enjoy Live Free or Die Hard or A Good Day to Die Hard: I actually loved them both, but I understand that both are more fantasy films where the fans have taken the reigns and turned McClane into the superhero they wish he was. For the next Die Hard film we need the man who started McClane - we need the guy who understands the roots of the character. John McTiernan understands John McClane ain't no superhero and he usually just barely scrapes by in the circumstances he's thrown into. McTiernan gave us the two best Die Hard films, Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance, and is the perfect guy to bring the franchise back to its roots and cut McClane down to size. He'd make sure McClane isn't hanging from helicopters and surviving falls from tens of stories up (not that that wasn't awesome to watch), and in short he's the perfect director to give us the McClane of old that everyone loved so much. The fantasies were nice, but now it's time we get back the guy crawling through vents with a lighter complaining about what a bad day he's having. Note: It may be a little difficult to get McTiernan since he'll most likely be heading to prison soon for about a year, but I imagine many we'll need some time anyway to forget McClane's "vacation" in Moscow. Do you think there's still life in the Die Hard franchise? Share your thoughts below.
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