Disney Plus: 15 Biggest Movies Missing At Launch

Up, Tarzan and The Mighty Ducks?! What gives?

Disney Plus Missing

Not so very long ago, Disney had a release strategy that was ingenious when it came to bottle-necking money into their coffers, but which left fans frustrated. The name alone - The Vault - should be enough to chill Disney fans of a certain age to the very bone. It was an intentional attempt to trade on collector anxiety, warning fans that if you didn't purchase your favourite release RIGHT NOW, it would be locked away forever and you'd miss out.

It wasn't very nice, but it worked and it helped push sales of things like the short-lived Diamond Editions.

Now, it seems likely that the home release schedule will be a lot tighter with Disney+ coming on November 12th and mercifully, that medium values accessibility of all content. In other words, Disney have to put their Vault mentality out of their heads entirely, which has been confirmed by the announcement of every movie and TV show coming on Day One.

But even with this brave new dawn, there are some pretty huge or notable films missing from Disney+'s launch package and they deserve acknowledgement...

15. Up (2009)

Up Pixar Funeral

Who can say why at this point, but Up seems to be the only Pixar movie NOT included as part of the Disney+ launch package.

Is it an oversight? Or is Up for some reason tied into a distribution deal elsewhere that means it can't debut on the platform at launch? If so, the fact that it's the ONLY Pixar movie not in there and subject to the limitation is just... weird.

At least you won't have to break your heart at the opening montage all over again. Yet.

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