Disney Plus: 15 Biggest Movies Missing At Launch

14. Song Of The South (1946)

song of the south

Yeah... This one's not all that surprising.

Song Of The South is Disney's white elephant and the modern company would probably prefer it didn't exist at all. Don't expect it to EVER make it to Disney Plus, because making enough cuts to make it acceptable to modern audiences would butcher it beyond recognition. It's a slight shame in terms of removing part of Disney history, but it's their platform and trimming off the bits they don't want to acknowledge and which carry dangerous elements is not a bad move.

Few people link it to Splash Mountain's history now anyway.

Similarly, while it has a lot of fans who will shed a nostalgic tear for its lack of inclusion, One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing is considered way too racist to have made it. Peter Ustinov's performance is the stuff cringe is made of.

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