Doctor Strange: 20 Awesome Spells & Artefacts You Need To Know

Woah-oh-oh, he's MAGIC!

Doctor Strange Spells

The character of Doctor Strange is a curious one to many and that tends to make him somewhat intimidating. As is the case with many masters of the mystic arts and sorcerers of the supreme, there doesn't seem to be any easy way to process the limits of what the hell it is that he can do.

Over the years, the good Doctor has shown off some stunning powers and wielded some incredibly powerful artefacts to protect Earth. Working through that catalogue of magic is no small task, but it's worth it as a starter pack for potential new fans of Strange's universe.

With Scott Derrickson's excellent film now in European cinemas and heading to the US soon too, interest in Marvel's Sorceror Supreme is going to be at a record high. And it's well worth finding out how hard he can flex his magical muscles.

Here's everything you need to know of Strange's magical armoury...

20. The Seven Rings Of Raggadorr

Doctor Strange Spells

Type: Defence

The magical thing with all the bling, Raggadorr looks like a mashup of every Mortal Kombat final boss combined with a design that screams, 'Less is more'. Which isn't necessarily advice that a guy who wears seven rings will listen to anyway.

A powerful mystic, Raggadorr's name is usually invoked when a sorcerer needs to dip their hand in his jewelry box. The Seven Rings of Raggadorr is an incredibly powerful binding spell that can also serve as a protective barrier for the user if they focus the spell on themselves, thus causing projectiles in particular to have no effect.


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