Doctor Strange: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

The Doctor is in the house.

Doctor Strange Easter Eggs
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Strange things are happening. After almost stoically resisting the draw of the magic and supernatural side of the Marvel universe, Kevin Feige finally got his way with Doctor Strange and brought the Sorceror Supreme to the big screen. Whether this opens the flood gates on the cosmic MCU and some more ghastly characters remains to be seen, but it has certainly kicked off a whole new chapter.

The film is a visual triumph and one of the finest show-cases for effects work that has ever been. That is no small achievement. It may sound like a cliche, but it is an absolute cinematic marvel that encourages an almost artistic appreciation, and while the film is far from flawed (the plot is thin, supporting characters are likewise), this is very much a case where spectacle is the right distraction.

It's also a Marvel film, so naturally it knows exactly where it comes from. It is steeped in the rich heritage of Doctor Strange comics, taking in a lot of the almost impenetrable lore of that universe and making the most surprising thing: an adaptation that is a true homage to the creators. If you're a fan of Steve Ditko's aesthetic, you need to see this film.

Here are the biggest and best Easter Eggs, References and In-Jokes In Doctor Strange...

31. Avengers Tower

Doctor Strange Easter Eggs

Though Doctor Strange is firmly a stand-alone (and it works perfectly as one), it does have links to the rest of the MCU (if it didn't, we wouldn't be here now would we?) and one comes right at the start.

As the camera pans over Strange's New York, the iconic image of the Avengers tower can be seen towering over the rest of the city. Strictly speaking, it's a plot hole, as it should be Stark Tower at this point in time, but we'll let them get away with it. Also, there's time travelling here, so whatever.

This is one of only a couple of Avengers nods - you won't find any mention of the Accords or the Incident, because they haven't actually happened yet in Strange's world. The start of the film happens around the time of Iron Man 2.


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