Doctor Strange Movie: Everything You Need to Know

8. Who Is Doctor Strange?

Don€™t let the name fool you: Doctor Stephen Strange actually has a PHD, unlike some Marvel characters who were actually expelled from their university due to being crazy evil (we€™re looking at you, Doom). Such is the genius of Stan Lee that many Marvel characters usually begin as flawed assholes who become super powered flawed A-holes. Because nothing makes you less of an A-hole than a metal war suit that shoots missiles. Stephen Strange is no exception. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963 in Strange Tales #110, Stephen Strange was once a wealthy, famous surgeon who was on an almighty ego-trip. He was so arrogant that he became estranged from his family, lost his fiancee and refused to visit his father on his deathbed. Because karma is a mother-schtupper, Strange ended up in a car accident that damaged the nerves in his hands, preventing him from doing the five knuckle shuffle or feeding his god-complex as a life-saving surgeon. In today€™s world, this may be something that can be fixed with modern medicine, however Strange was created in 1960, where copious amounts of drugs where freely available, so Lee had Strange visit Tibet after hearing whispers of a mystical dignitary known as the Ancient One. Royally peeved that the Ancient One wouldn€™t fix his hands, Strange came to realize that the Ancient One was a force for good (and that he could totally pull more women with magic). He discarded his desire and began a magical tutelage that resulted in him becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth Dimension. Because if you are an A-hole, you will be granted unlimited magical power, apparently. To get an idea of just how powerful Doctor Strange is, Comic Vine lists 35 powers that Strange possesses, however Attractive Male, Insanely Rich, Intellect and Leadership don€™t count, so make it 31. Divine Powers is on the list and that basically translates to €˜all of the powers€™. Could you imagine Joss Whedon having to sum that up for the common viewer? €˜He€™s fast, she€™s weird and Strange is€ ah, screw it.€™

When I was a kid, I used to think the moon followed our car everywhere.