Doctor Strange Movie: Everything You Need to Know

6. The Cast

If there€™s one thing you need to know about Benedict Cumberbatch, there€™s this; the man€™s cheek bones are intimidating. Cumberbatch, cast as Strange, is a cult-like figure for men, women and children all around the globe and is set to join the upper echelons of fictional doctors (alongside Moriarty, House and Dre). Because he is after my heart (seriously, what is up with those cheekbones), Cumberbatch has been doing his homework; when asked if he is reading the comic books now, the actor confirmed that €˜You can bet your bottom dollar I€™m reading them now, avidly€™. Cumberbatch, known as €˜the Dict€™ by absolutely no one, will be joined by Rachel McAdams, whose role has yet to be confirmed, Tilda Swinton (the Ancient One) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Baron Mordo). Interestingly, the Ancient One will be as confused as the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, as Swinton has yet to decide whether she wants the character to be portrayed as male or female. Finally, everyone€™s favourite vegetarian, Madds Mikkelsen, has been rumored to portray a second antagonist to Cumberbatch€™s Strange. Delicious.

When I was a kid, I used to think the moon followed our car everywhere.