Doctor Strange Movie: Everything You Need to Know

5. The Bad Guys

As mentioned earlier, Strange€™s arch-enemy, Baron Mordo, is confirmed as the villain of Doctor Strange and will be played by the commanding Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave). Mordo, a previous student of the Ancient One and foil to Strange, uses his magical powers to inflict horror. He boasts the same power set as his enemy, however €˜Fire Control€™ is replaced with €˜Ice Control€™, so he€™s more like a possessive Walter White. But which villain could Mads Mikkelsen be playing? There€™s three distinct possibilities from the good doctor€™s rogues gallery. First is the dread Dormammu, an extra-dimensional warlord who, naturally, desires total domination of numerous realms. Dormammu (immortal, indestructible and ridiculously powerful) has a head like a lit matchstick (literally) and would look way too comfortable on the front of a Slayer album. However, because Marvel Studios seems to give birth to cinematic trilogies like Nadya Suleman gives birth to failed reality show paychecks, my money€™s on Dormammu being reserved for the inevitable Doctor Strange 3. Then there€™s Asmodeus, formerly known as Dr Charles Benton, a colleague of pre-spiritual fingers Strange who was granted mystic powers. Benton€™s first appearance in the comics was when he asked Strange to do some charity work and Strange was not impressed, because charity is not profitable unless you€™re a corrupt Haitian government official. Benton eventually became the leader of a cult called the Sons of Satannish (who worshiped a being kind of Satan-ish, but different, y€™know?). Finally, there€™s Yandroth, a techno-mage alien who, from hence forth, shall be dubbed €˜Yandroth of the Eyebrows€™, because he looks like he is able to permanently do The Rock€™s eyebrow raise with both eyebrows at the same time. Seriously, the man reminds me of one of those douchebag NBA players who are sponsored by Nike and get the titular €˜tick€™ logo as a tattoo. Except Yandroth of the Eyebrows took it one step further and inked his forehead twice over.

When I was a kid, I used to think the moon followed our car everywhere.