Dolph Lundgren's Kindergarten Cop 2 Is A Real Thing (See Pics!)

And yes we're very excited.

To quote a great movie, sometimes you just gotta say "What the f**k". That's surely the rationale of the executive who green-lit Kindergarten Cop 2, which is now shooting in Canada. It doesn't star Arnie, but it does have the next (well quite a bit down the list but still cool) thing in Dolph Lundgren. Manly Movie managed to get some pictures from the film's presumably top-secret, security heavy and absolutely media free production base. God bless 'em. Obviously this thing is a DTV gig through and through, as has been much of Lundgren's recent work. I'm definitely not against reigniting the concept, in which a high flying agent has to sit undercover at a school, but I gotta ask, who's this for? Kids won't know the brand at all (the original was made in 1990) and 20-somethings who fondly remember it, well, I dunno. It's great fun to sit and joke about but actually paying money to see the thing is another matter. The good news is that if you are itching to see Kindergarten Cop 2, it'll probably be with us very soon. Established DTV sequels don't tend to go through the same errr...rigours in post and flow quite slickly through the distribution malaise. So who knows? Maybe those thirsting for 90s nostalgia will find a nice DVD shaped bulge in their Christmas stockings? And if you don't want Kindergarten Cop 2? Well, STOP WHINING!

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