Dougary Scott is pursuing The Hitman

91304.jpgI like Dougary Scott. There was one time I was lobbying for him to be the next James Bond back in 2000 when Mission Impossible II came out. He was pretty much the only good thing in that horrid movie and I was sure he would have a big career after that but apart from leading the under-rated film Enigma, he hasn't done an awful lot that was any good. Most recently, he has even gone down to the depths of starring in a regular role in Desperate Housewives. Things might start looking up for the talented actor though, as Hitman producer Luc Besson told IGN that Scott will have a role in the video game adapted movie. It's not fully known what the role will be apart from that "he is the man pursuing Agent 47". Agent 47 is of course to be played by Live Free or Die Hard villain Timothy Olyphant who has probably shaved his head by now as production begins this month in Prague for a October release. So two good actors for this video game movie then and although Vin Diesel was the perfect hitman..... I can give Olyphant a go. IF THEY USE THEIR BRAINS, this could be a kick ass movie or it could turn into just another video game movie that no-one cares about. What's your money on? source - ign
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