Ed Harris: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

5 Awesome Performances...

5. Remy Bressant - Gone Baby Gone

Remy Bressant In Ben Affleck€™s engaging and hard-hitting directorial debut his brother Casey Affleck plays a private-eye detective Patrick Kenzie bent on finding a recently abducted child on the streets of Boston. In order to find the missing child he teams up with a tough-as-nails Bean-Town police veteran Remy Bressant, memorably played by Harris. Although the man is a transplanted from Louisiana, he acts as though he was born right on Tremont St. He tries to shake-off Kenzie from helping the case at first because this is his town and his duty. He€™ll be damned if a child from his town is taken from her mother€ so we€™re lead to believe. Though his real motivations are masked, there is still no hiding Harris€™ talents playing a character you€™re never quite sure is truly working to protect and serve. An utterly intense performance with an amazing final scene for the character, it may be the Affleck's who got all the plaudits for the movie, but it's Ed Harris you couldn't watch without being in awe.

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