The very last role in which anyone familiar with his career would cast actor Ed Harris would be the lead in a comedic romance, never-the-less, this is exactly what is set to happen with the announcement that he is to star alongside Diane Keaton in the The Look of Love. Few on-screen couples could have had such divergent personas; Keaton having made her name as the beautiful love interest of the chronically neurotic Woody Allen and the woman who challenged the authority of the mighty Michael Corleone as Al Pacino€™s wife in The Godfather; whereas Harris€™ demented blue eyed stare made him the go to man to play shadowy secret service employees in films like Nixon and History of Violence. Keaton will play €a widow who, several years after the death of her husband, mysteriously meets a man who looks exactly like her deceased husband" in what is described as a 'complex' love story. The film is to be directed by Arie Posein who won plaudits for his first mainstream feature The Chumscrubber which, notoriously, failed horribly in commercial terms including only selling six tickets in theatres in the UK! In spite of this, Posein will be in receipt on a larger budget this time around, and the names of Harris and Keaton- coming off the successful Morning Glory- should ensure sufficient publicity to prevent a repeat of such financial failures. Posein has co-written the script with Matthew McDuffie (Surrender Dorothy) and says of it:
"This movie is about the hope that love can strike at any age, and that it's possible to love deeply, lose terribly, and still love again."
Foreign rights to the project will be sold at this month€™s Berlin Film Market by Exclusive Films International with further details to be available shortly.

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