Every American Pie Movie Ranked Worst To Best

From spin-offs to the main series, which slices of pie tasted best?!

American Pie
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There are two types of people in the world, those who know American Pie as a classic song by Don McLean and those who know it as a sex comedy franchise.

Raunchy comedies about teenagers and their sexual exploits are inevitable, as there will always be an audience for them. For the most part, films like EuroTrip, Sex Drive and Wet Hot American Summer come, make a splash, then leave. But, there is one franchise that's had surprising longevity.

The American Pie series began in 1999 and produced eight films, with the latest release in 2020. Shockingly, it even exceeds classic franchises like Alien, The Middle-Earth Saga and Harry Potter regarding the number of instalments. So what made this property so popular, and kept the viewers coming back?

The quality of the series indeed differed, as some of the films were a great piece of charming fun that captured the feeling of the early 2000s, whilst others were dire flicks that run the concept into the ground and overcompensated for shallow characters with nudity and gross out humour.

This order has been put together using IMDB ratings and the writer's opinion.

9. American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

American Pie
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If you're the only American Pie film not to feature the legendary Eugene Levy, then you know you've done something wrong. This movie really flew under the radar, so much that many didn't even know it happened.

The contemporary approach to rebooting popular movies with female leads gets a lot of negative attention, and it's not always unfounded. A female perspective is always welcome in a movie, but using a dying/dead franchise for one typically falls flat. There have been plenty of properties that do this, and one that no one ever thought they'd see was American Pie.

Girls' Rules centres around Stephanie Stifler (as every American Pie movie needs a Stifler) as she and her friends make a pact to get what they want out of life, dating and their sex lives.

It's safe to say that women are not presented well in the American Pie series, so seeing the perspective flip should be exciting on paper. Sadly, this movie completely ignored the fact that American Pie has a target demographic that was doomed to fail with this concept.

The movie felt wrong, not only because the characters were lame and the jokes weren't funny, but because the series had no place in 2020.

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