Every Avenger's Best Performance OUTSIDE The MCU

Avengers! Disassemble and do something else...


For an actor, being cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a recurring character must feel like a double-edged sword:

On the one hand, it's a well-paid, profile raising gig that locks actors into guaranteed work for the foreseeable future, and carries with it a devoted fan base.

But on the other hand, being locked in such a grand franchise could be a restriction too. Commitments to such a long thought out series could restrain actors from taking other roles in the meantime, and even when they get a part in a completely different film, there's a strong chance that they could hurt their "brand".

For over a decade now, the MCU has acquired a long line of recurring actors who have a uniquely diverse range. We've seen the heroes play all sorts of villains (or different types of heroes) and it's been difficult at times to separate them from their MCU counterparts.

But every now and then, they shine through and we as an audience can witness a role that floors us, and reminds us they are actors and not just vessels to sell superhero toys.

Because the MCU has had so many actors, I'm limiting this list to exclusively the heroes of the franchise. Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot and Rocket have been excluded as they were voice acting) and Thor's "Revengers" are all included.

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