Every Batman Movie Ending Ranked From Worst To Best

11. Batman Forever

Batman Begins Joker Card
Warner Bros.

The previous instalment, Batman Returns, closes with a gritty, visceral battle. Batman Forever goes in the other direction, embracing the campiness to a whole other level. Having Batman and Robin facing the Riddler and Two-Face inside a mind-controlling blender-shaped fortress is so goofy, it feels like it was ripped from the early comics. Even though Joel Schumacher's imagery is kaleidoscopic and the cinematography is top-notch, it's too corny to be taken seriously.

What's frustrating is Batman Forever would've worked better if it delved into the cerebral aspects of the comics (which Schumacher originally intended). In the final moments, Bruce Wayne hands his love interest, Dr. Meridian Chase, the dreamcatching doll he gifted her with earlier, saying he won't need it anymore. Even though this moment should be touching, it loses its emotional weight since the filmmakers scrubbed out all psychological aspects of the story to ensure it was as kid-friendly as possible.

When we see the caped crusader and the boy wonder triumphantly venturing into the night in the closing moments, we feel empty when we should be begging for more.


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