Every Bong Joon-Ho Film Ranked Worst To Best

7. Barking Dogs Never Bite

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Bong’s directorial debut film did not generate as much success as his most recent work, but it allowed Bong to showcase his creative talents as both a writer and director for the first time.

The comedy drama film is about an unemployed academic, Ko Yun-ju, who is struggling to support his pregnant wife and get his dream job as a university professor. The situation is not made any better for him when a neighbour's unattended dog barks profusely. This is eventually what drives Yun-ju over the edge.

In his enraged state, he decides to kidnap the dog and tries to kill it, before changing his mind and deciding to lock it away in a basement cabinet. Park Hyun-nam,a young maintenance worker for the apartment Yun-ju lives in, hears about the missing dog and sets off to try and find it.

What follows is a sequence of dark and comedic events as Yun-ju tries to avoid being caught for his kidnapping of the dog while Hyun-nam’s amateur investigation skills lead her from one situation to another.

Although the film did not set the world alight, it is still fondly remembered and celebrated in Eastern Asia.


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