Every Cancelled Star Wars Movie Ranked

There is no hope for these cut Star Wars flicks.


The Star Wars saga has been with us for a whopping 43 years, creating a vast media empire of films, TV shows, novels, and games. With the Skywalker saga finally at a close, there’s plenty of room on the horizon for new stories and quests. In its near half-century run, however, many movie instalments have been left on the cutting-room floor.

It’s interesting the various reasons why these ill-fated flicks never got to see the light of day. Sometimes, it was to take the franchise in a different direction. Many are due to Disney’s re-evaluation of Star Wars’ cinematic future after Solo’s disappointing box-office performance. In one instance, the box-office success profoundly changed Star Wars’ direction!

Whatever the case, it can be bittersweet thinking about what could have been. On the other hand, some Star Wars film ideas were probably best left as pipe-dreams. So, which of these cancelled instalments were the most sorely missed by fans?

To be clear, any movie confirmed at the time of writing is a no-go. I'm just hoping there’s a small glimmer of hope that Rian Johnson’s Trilogy will pave the way for a Knights of the Old Republic adaptation. Please, Rian, I beg of you.

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