Every Darren Aronofsky Film Ranked Worst To Best

Let's examine the work of one of the world's greatest directors.

Fox Searchlight

The work of Darren Aronofsky is a fascinating exploration of depth, nuance and symbolism. His titles have a distinct style and narrative persistence that means you will often recognise traits in any of his projects. There is always a sense of visual spectacle and a compelling approach to causing unease within his viewers.

Even though his stories often centre on emotional tales about real problems, they approach fantastical levels through deliberate metaphoric storytelling. This ambiguity can often make watching his movies a little challenging, but it ultimately means that you get just as much as you give.

His approach to character development and narrative often avoids telling the audience what to think and chooses instead to show them. The actions and visual storytelling of the roles make his films flow more like music than a movie, leading to his projects being all the more fascinating.

Despite only making seven feature-length films, Aronofsky can be called one of the best working directors of this day and age, thanks to the quality of his repertoire. Because even at his worst, the movies he creates are entertaining.

This list will contain spoilers, so consider yourself warned.


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