Every Darren Aronofsky Film Ranked Worst To Best

6. The Fountain

Black Swan
Regency Enterprises

The Fountain has a similar issue to Noah in that it looks terrific, but is too ambitious and packed with nonsensical choices that make it challenging to become invested in.

The visuals have a stunning presentation and you would be hard-pressed to find another feature-film that has a similar aesthetic, but the narrative is incredibly difficult to follow, and this is not helped by Aronofsky's focus on symbolism and metaphor.

The failures being down to ambition gives the film an admirable sense of achievement, as although it doesn't work, the movie at least takes plenty of risks. However, while this style has worked really well for Aronofsky before, in The Fountain it ends up feeling too pretentious and causes the audience to drop out quite often.

The simple premise of a man trying to cure his sick wife is a straightforward concept and gets brought into the realm of the fantastical nicely, but ends up making the jarring clash of visual styles challenging to focus on.

As with every one of his films, the title is entirely worth watching, but it's not the first choice you should go to.


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