Every DCEU Film Ranked From Worst To Best

From Man of Steel to The Suicide Squad, which DCEU film stands out as the best?

Wonder Woman 2017
Warner Bros.

Few franchises have been more inconsistent than the DCEU.

There have been some absolute stinkers in Warner Bros.' infamously troubled cinematic universe, but some of the other films have been far better, and this series also contains some of the most interesting and unique superhero films of the last ten years.

Looking behind the scenes, this inconsistency isn't exactly surprising. After all, these films have generally had a very talented group of people behind the camera and in front of it, meaning they've had plenty of great stuff in them, but hit-or-miss screenplays and studio interference have also held the various instalments back.

In this sense, the inconsistency of the DCEU is understandable, but that doesn't make it any less jarring.

With the eagerly-anticipated The Suicide Squad finally out, it's a great time to rank the DCEU films and see how they stack up. So, which one is the very best? And which is the worst? One thing's for sure: when you rank these films, you really do cross a chasm of quality between spots eleven and one...

11. Suicide Squad

Wonder Woman 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures

Suicide Squad is a shockingly bad movie and there really is little benefit to this one beyond its undeservedly excellent cast, who all nobly do their best despite the awful material.

This movie is infuriating on two main levels. Firstly, taken on its own terms, it's a hollow, ugly, badly-edited, plot hole-ridden and abysmally-written mess of an action film with one of the worst finales and worst villains the superhero genre has ever given us.

But secondly, and more importantly, when you consider how much promise this movie seemed to have before its release, the underwhelming final product feels even more painful.

The strong marketing campaign suggested something different, something funnier and something a bit more adult. Instead, we got a PG-13 film that was honestly just a very typical, boring and unexciting cliche-fest that concluded with yet another beam-in-the-sky finale and also reduced the much-hyped new iteration of the Joker to a glorified cameo.

So yes, this is the worst DCEU film so far. Will it ever be knocked off that podium? Well, given that the DCEU has a nasty habit of alternating between successful instalments and duds, never say never.


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