Every Guy Ritchie Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Remember Swept Away? Anyone?

Aladdin Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
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Guy Ritchie's new film The Gentlemen is in UK cinemas now, and it's a major return to form for a director who hasn't exactly been critically or commercially reliable over the course of his career.

And while the filmmaker is best known for his distinctive, highly innovative entries into the gangster genre, his filmography is far more diverse than you might at first think.

His 11 films produced to date include not only crime thrillers but also mega-budget blockbusters, several reboots of classic IP, a surreal revisionist gangster film, and yes, even a rom-com.

So, how do Ritchie's movies stack up against one another? Has he ever managed to match the acclaim of his storming debut, or is he still struggling to recapture that flash-in-the-pan brilliance?

If nothing else, Ritchie's career has certainly been unpredictable and unexpected, both for better and for worse. And so, it's time to run down Ritchie's entire filmmaking career from that epic dud to his most cherished earlier work...


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