Every Halloween Movie Ranked Worst To Best

From the absolute worst to the exceptional best of the Halloween franchise.

Halloween H20 Laurie Strode Michael Myers
Dimension Films

When looking at the greatest, most popular horror franchises, Halloween is a name that immediately springs to mind. That's not to say that every Halloween film is great, mind, but the series as a whole is one of the biggest - if not the biggest - in the genre.

To date, there have been a whopping 13 Halloween movies, with the most recent of those being David Gordon Green's Halloween Ends last year. That in itself was the final part of a trilogy; a trilogy which ignored everything bar John Carpenter's 1978 original.

Of course, that's just one continuity in a series which has several different timelines at play. For instance, there's the canon which runs from Halloween to Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers; there's the canon which includes the first two pictures and picks things up with Halloween H20 and Halloween: Resurrection; and then there's Rob Zombie's rebooted offerings of the 2000s.

With such a mixed bag in terms of quality across the franchise's 13 features - and with Halloween season on the horizon - here's each and every Halloween movie, ranked from absolute worst to exceptional best.

13. Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween H20 Laurie Strode Michael Myers
Dimension Films

While there have been a good few stinkers in the Halloween franchise, Busta Rhymes laying out Michael Myers with some kung fu moves was always going to land Halloween: Resurrection the bottom spot on this list.

Anticipation was actually relatively high for Resurrection, with its predecessor - Halloween H20 - viewed as welcome return for the franchise, not to mention Halloween II director Rick Rosenthal was back in the chair to helm this 2002 picture.

To be fair, the idea of placing fame-seeking wannabes in the Myers House on Halloween night for a live stream, was actually quite a novel concept at the time of release. The problem is, it was tough to root for any of said wannabes as they were just so annoying.

Add in the opening scene death of Laurie Strode, the ridiculous explanation of how Michael survived H20, that sequence of Busta Rhymes getting the better of the iconic Shape, and it's easy to see why this picture soured long-standing franchise fans.

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