Every Halloween Movie (They Never Actually Made)

22. Halloween III: Season Of The Evil Toymaker

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The Halloween 3 we got wasn't the one that was originally written, with Season of the Witch being a world away from 'Season of the Evil Toymaker' that the movie was billed as. This had to be rewritten to be gorier, darker, and less tongue in cheek to get to the standard we came to expect from the Halloween movies, with Nigel Kneale leaving his Toymaker script after Carpenter heftily adapted his offbeat ideas.

Tommy Lee Wallace said: “All in all, his tone and the way he wrote the script and ended it all conspired to be a downer ⏤ in a dark and depressing way that wasn’t all that much fun when you got right down to it. It needed help, but it was a pretty complete story. It was his idea to have a fiendish toymaker who is actually a warlock and is going to an international child sacrifice.”

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