Every Headline MCU Protagonist Ranked From Worst To Best

19. Carol Danvers - Captain Marvel

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

In the comics, Carol Danvers is one of the most fun and lovable characters who always makes each issue she’s in memorable. However, her first live-action incarnation fails to deliver on multiple fronts.

While she has a compelling enough backstory, there’s not much to latch onto in terms of the actual character. She doesn’t show much emotion, lacks a defined struggle to overcome, and overall, it’s hard to care about her or what happens to her.

She also feels like a complete Mary Sue, which serves as a detriment to the story because, in fiction, characters need to go through an inherent struggle so that the audience is at the edge of their seats and wants to see her succeed. However, Carol Danvers never goes through anything like this and achieves everything with relative ease, taking away from her achievements and victories.

While she might not have been a great character in Captain Marvel, with The Marvels adding Kamala Khan and a brand new creative team sailing the ship, hopefully, we’ll see Danvers shine in the way she was always meant to.


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