Every James Bond Girl Ranked From Worst To Best

Cinema's biggest womanizer doesn't always pick the best women...

James Bond Girls Ranked

Ever since the debut of the James Bond franchise, the Bond Girl has become one of the most important and iconic parts of the franchise's DNA. After all, in the early days of this franchise these characters were so different from how most other films portrayed women and the Bond Girl archetype definitely boosted the series' popularity.

The archetype has changed a hell of a lot since then but there is still at least one Bond Girl is each of the films. But how good are Bond Girls, really? Do they actually work all that much?

Well, to call the Bond Girls of the films a mixed bag would be a profound understatement. Some of them are amazing characters who overshadow virtually everything else in their films, while others are so tiresome you'll want to throw the TV through the window.

With the long-delayed No Time to Die having been released at last, it's a great time to see how every major Bond Girl (excluding Moneypenny, Judi Dench's M and minor Bond Girls who don't affect the plot) stack up.

So, who's the best of them all? Who's the nadir of the archetype? And do any of them top Honey Ryder, the most iconic Bond Girl? It's time to find out...

52. A View To A Kill - Stacy Sutton

James Bond Girls Ranked

There have been quite a few terrible Bond Girls over the years, but none of them are as bad as Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts), who is the lead Bond Girl of A View to a Kill.

Truly, Stacy - a geologist who, when Bond first meets her, is locked a legal battle with main villain Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) - is one of the worst Bond movie characters ever, Bond Girl or otherwise.

She's excruciatingly annoying, atrociously played, doesn't really do anything in the film (aside from delivering a bit of geology-based exposition) and is nothing more than an agency-free damsel-in-distress who's damn-near impossible to care about or root for.

Stacy also doesn't have nearly enough chemistry with Bond, although that wasn't helped by the 27-year age gap between Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts.

As for any moment where she starts screaming "James! James! JAMES!", those moments are more painful than a migraine.

Basically, she's a character who genuinely makes every moment she's on-screen unpleasant to watch and the one positive that can be said here is that it's very unlikely we'll ever get a worse Bond Girl. It's hard to imagine anyone being worse, anyhow.

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