Every James Bond Henchmen Ranked

Does anyone top Jaws?

Adolph Gettler James Bond

Throughout the nearly sixty-year history of the James Bond franchise, Bond henchmen have proven to be some of the most memorable figures in a series absolutely loaded with unforgettable characters. In fact, despite being secondary villains, a large number of them have actually up-staged their bosses to emerge as the finest villains of their movie.

Bond henchmen vary hugely. The stereotypical Bond henchman is a large, super-strong and mostly quiet fighter with quirky killing methods, but plenty of the others deviate from that formula as well. Femme fatale henchwomen have also made an appearance in quite a few of the films and plenty of others have just been more realistic, down-to-earth villains, which can be incredibly refreshing in the over-the-top world of James Bond.

These characters also differ a lot in terms of how good they are as villains. Some of these henchmen rank among the finest characters in Bond history, others are fairly forgettable and a few are downright atrocious.

So, in this varied collection of characters, who comes out on top as the finest Bond henchman of them all? And who will have even the strongest Bond fans groaning in embarrassment? It's time to find out...

49. Wint And Kidd - Diamonds Are Forever

Adolph Gettler James Bond
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Starting with the worst of the worst, we have these abominably bad characters from Diamonds are Forever. You might remember these two as being bad, but in fact, they're even worse than you remember.

Mr Wint and Mr Kidd (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith respectively) are two assassins who are working for Blofeld (Charles Gray) throughout the film; they are also very strongly implied to be a gay couple. They are creative with their assassinations, but other than that they fail on every level.

Bizarre, unthreatening, atrociously played and generally cringe-worthy, especially thanks to all those awful post-kill one-liners they keep dropping, Wint and Kidd are by far and away the worst henchmen in the whole series. Much of the time, they feel more like comic relief than any sort of threat, especially when they have a clear opportunity to kill Bond but instead put him in an oil pipeline from which he then easily escapes from.

The terrible ending fight scene where Bond finally kills them only further reinforces them as two of the worst action movie villains of all time. Ironically, Wint and Kidd were good villains in Ian Fleming's book, so it's a mystery as to why the script didn't just follow the book more.


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