Every James Bond Henchmen Ranked

48. Rosie Carver - Live And Let Die

Adolph Gettler James Bond

Here we have the first femme fatale villain on this list and she currently ranks as the worst of them all. That's unlikely to change either.

A double-agent working for both the CIA and main villain Kananga (Yaphet Kotto), Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry) is both one of the worst Bond villains and one of the worst Bond Girls of all time. Why? Because she's one thing and one thing only: a joke.

She's nothing more than a vehicle for infuriating and mean-spirited comedy beats which involve her embarrassing herself again and again. Therefore, she falls completely flat as a villain since she doesn't pose any sort of threat and sure enough, Bond discovers her deception very quickly. He finds time to shag her first though - same as it ever was.

Shortly after Bond confronts her, she's killed by one of Kananga's security devices in a very flippant manner; Gloria Hendry's unintentionally hilarious acting drags that part down even further.

Overall, she's one of the worst characters ever seen in a Bond film.


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