Every Jared Leto Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Running down Jared Leto's diverse and very, very weird career.

Jared Leto Suicide Squad
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Jared Leto is without question one of the most controversial and divisive actors working today.

Though having a slew of acclaimed credits to his name in addition to an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, some of his more mainstream roles of choice haven't gone down too well with the general public. You know which one we're talking about above all others.

Yet despite his enormous fame and pervasiveness in pop-culture, you might be surprised to know that Leto has been relatively selective with film roles over his near-30-year Hollywood career.

With "only" 30 roles to his name, that amounts to just a part a year on average, presumably in large part due to his commitments to his massively successful rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

But how do his movies all stack up? From his most low-fi indie projects to his biggest blockbusters and everything in-between, we've pored back over every Jared Leto film and categorically ranked them from worst to best.

Some picks are sure to be a little controversial, but that's the beauty of opinions. Love him or hate him, Leto's got some absolute banger movies in his back catalogue - and, admittedly, a fair few clunkers too...

30. The Outsider (2018)

Jared Leto Suicide Squad

A Netflix Original film barely anyone remembers they actually saw, The Outsider takes a confident last place in Leto's filmography precisely because it's such a non-event of a movie.

Leto stars as Nick Allen, a former U.S. Marine who joins a yakuza family after being released from prison. Despite the intriguing enough premise, this is a shockingly low-energy affair that's a major slog at two hours in length.

Leto was clearly shooting for the sort of stoic minimalist performance that Ryan Gosling has perfected over the years, but it instead came off as disinterested and stiff.

Many critics commented that the film should've been centered around Tadanobu Asano's far more interesting mentor character instead, and they're absolutely right.


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