Every Jon Favreau Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Superheroes, cowboys, elves and... sandwiches?

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As an actor, Jon Favreau has gone from the sublime (in Swingers and Chef) to the ridiculous (propping up buddy Vince Vaughn in the dog-terrible Term Life and Couple€™s Retreat), but that€™s only ever been part of his personal story.

He€™s a story-teller, writing films, directing and executive producing, and his eye for characters and scene-building is quite stunning. Those who€™ve seen his majestic remake of The Jungle Book will attest to that.

It€™s stunning to think that this is the same director who made Elf, or little indie Chef, or massive MCU movies with Iron Man. His range is nothing to be sniffed at, and it seems with a sequel lined up and a key role behind the scenes for Infinity War, he€™s becoming one of the most important figures at Disney.

Aside from his 8 big screen directorial outings, Favreau also made a couple of movies for TV - Bad Cop, Bad Cop in 1998, Smog a year later and Life On Parole in 2003. He€™s also helmed six TV episodes from Shows as varied as Jimmy Kimmel, The Office and About A Boy.

But which of Favreau€™s big screen properties deserves to be considered his best?

8. Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

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No matter how much affection Favreau has for this over-blown sci-fi himself, it€™s nowhere near as good as it could or should have been. At the end of the day, the Daniel Craig-starring genre-mash-up never pushes the shlock hard enough and never embraces its major pulpy potential.

This should have been like Mars Attacks - albeit with less comedy - but the result is actual less entertaining and less satisfying than the critically panned John Carter Of Mars. And the biggest problem, in that respect is the lack of thrills In a movie about cowboys fighting aliens.

There was lots of promise here, but given how much charm Favreau managed to put into Elf and Iron Man, for this to be so boring is just ludicrous.


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