Every Kevin Smith Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Clerks, stoners, pornos and walruses. That escalated quickly.


For a long time, Kevin Smith was the poster-boy for indie film-makers: he had made Clerks out of his own pocket and broke into Hollywood in a spectacularly uncouth manner. He was the appointed voice of a disenfranchised generation trapped working in franchises - all great for observational character development, but poor for the soul.

He has never claimed to be a technically assured director, preferring instead to allow his energetic scripts and his colourful characters do the talking (and boy do they like talking). But to ignore his ability as a film-maker is to wipe out his achievements that can be traced back to his very first film.

He's arguably one of the most personal film-makers still working in Hollywood, first writing his friends and experiences into his work and then - when he felt the sting of the Hollywood machine and railed against critics - allowing his weird and wonderful imagination run rampant. The results have been mixed, but he still has an army of fans.

With Yoga Hosers having followed the recent trend of more disappointing offerings, now is the perfect time to look back over his body of work to remember happier times. Ones that will hopefully return with the Mallrats sequel TV show and Clerks III.

Here's how Silent Bob's film output ranks, worst to best...

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